We work with companies, brands and agencies to design and produce innovative communication solutions.


With experience in B2B, B2C, FMCG and tech industries, we work with artists, designers and technologists from different disciplines for each project.

We see ourselves as a creative business partner for companies who want to make bold statements and push boundaries in the way they engage their customers - with imagination, open-mindedness and metrics squarely in mind.

Select Case Studies 


A world first, this 10 year installation at the Melbourne Museum uses bespoke interactive storytelling techniques and technology to help students make their own safety films to share with their friends.

We worked directly with NET-A-POTER to launch the Karl Lagerfeld brand, KARL, in 5 countries simultaneously around the world. The campaign used a sophisticated PR plan to build anticipation around a 'shoppable' installation we placed in the centre of Paris that reacted to people who approached it. The campaign helped NET-A-PORTER generate its highest daily sales figures to that date. 

To promote John Lewis's lighting department we worked with creative agency Adam&Eve to create a huge 'house-of-lights' music visualiser, and put it on London's Southbank. An unforgettable project.

10 years before Netflix made Black Mirror's interactive episode, Bandersnatch, we made Doritos ID3. A first of its kind interactive adventure in 3 parts - also an award winning  and commercial smash-hit success!