'What story will my computer tell me tonight and why?'

Since the beginning of our filmmaking journeys, we have been guided by the belief that technology will transform the way films are made, distributed and consumed - and that we want to take part. Our company name is a reference to that principle. 

Where some changes have happened in ways that we couldn't have anticipated (high-quality binge-watching for example) others we've ruminated over (or tried out ourselves) have been slow, not taken off or just not materialised. 

In any event, it's clear that technology-led changes in storytelling are accelerating in a pervasive way we can't control or that we necessarily want (deepfakes?) - and that good stories are just as difficult to tell as they ever were. 

Our experiments in the field of 'Story Technology', as we've called it, have given life to a number of projects, a few of which we have highlighted below, and we've learnt a lot. The next iteration of our StoryTechnology journey to be announced in early Summer 2020.

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