A bit about us

Matt Cook and Toby Cook (not related) founded Fablemaze in 2007 working out of a converted barrel store in the OId Truman Brewery in East London. 

As artists having met some years previously working on films, it quickly transpired that they were both fascinated by the expressions and opportunities presented by ‘new media’ - as interactive content was termed then - and curious how that could translate into new forms of narrative filmmaking. 


This curiosity turned into excitement for a new form of storytelling, to combine the art and craft of film language with the adaptive power of technology to create dynamic films that could potentially be limitlessly unique.  


As such they pioneered some of the first large scale commercial projects engaging audiences through interactive media and techniques (see case studies) picking up some awards along the way but more importantly collaborating with and learning from some of the smartest and most talented people in the diverse disciplines that form the fabric of the film and technology industries they are passionate about.


Today of course we have highly sophisticated & personalised social feeds, and algorithmically curated storytelling has become commonplace, however the vision of creating tools for artists to dynamically affect the components of a story - with cinematic delivery - is still the quest, and it feels like it's just beginning. 

Meet the founders

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Matthew Cook

Producer. StoryTechnologist

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Toby Cook

Producer. StoryTechnologist

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And everyone else...?

Making films and developing technology involves a lot of people, and although it may not look like it from this page we're definitely involved in team sports here!

We're organised as small units of people across countries, quite often individuals, working on sections of projects and frequently in sprints - especially while in the prototype and testing phase of our products.

We'll be introducing some new names and faces soon :)



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