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An actor loses his sense of identity and quits the play he is leading, with devastating consequences.

Drama / Short  • UK • 2018  • 9 mins

Writer / Director: Florence Kosky

All the World's A Stage is a personal film by Florence Kosky in response to losing several friends to suicide. The production was crowdfunded and made possible by the generous contributions of the cast and crew who donated their time. With special thanks to Jonathan Forbes and Olivia Colman for appearing.

The Film


Directed by

Florence Kosky

Produced by

Matthew Cook

Emilia Rose Arnò

Poem by

Charlie Fox

Written by

Florence Kosky

Music by

Alastair Adams

Max McGuire

Max McGuire

Film Editing by

Joseph Tims

Production Designer

Frederico Nobre de Carvalho

Art Direction

Noemi Daboczi

Cinematography by

Evan Burris Trout

Costume Designer

Pandora Ellis

Make Up Designer 

Rebecca Crang



The Actor

Jonathan Forbes

The Actress

Amber Anderson

The Narrator

Olivia Colman

The Dancers

Ellie Nias

Rio Allison

Elizabeth Dulieu Rayner

Connor Williams

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