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We’re here for the stories. The places over the horizon and the characters around the corner.  We’re here to fall in love and be heartbroken again and again, to get lost and find ourselves reflected upside-down in the stars on our way home. 

We produce award winning films with a strong network of partners in the US and Europe and offices in the UK and Australia. Our ambition is to become a go-to studio for high quality production, making bold stories with the best talent.

Our long term goal is to combine this with technology to make dazzling experiences like beautiful waking dreams written by your favourite author, just for you.

See below our current releases and some of our projects in development. For inquiries contact us directly at:

As I Am One Sheet 27x40 FINISH .jpg

As I Am

(aka Philophobia)

Fablemaze-All The Worlds A Stage-Poster-thumb Fablemaze

All the World's a Stage



Black Twist

Post Production - Film


Lou As The World Dies

In development - Series

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